Nunda Township Road District’s Touch-A-Truck

Perhaps one of the greatest changes over the years from when many parents were children is Touch-a-Truck. My grandfather worked for the county and spent much of the year in a road grader. But I never had the chance to sit in it. When I was very young, my father ran a service station, so the closest to touch-a-truck was sitting in the tow truck. Fortunately, I don’t have to travel back in time, just over to the Nunda Township Road District’s Touch-A-Truck.

After the rains from the night and early morning, it was already pretty warm and humid by the time the Touch-A-Truck rolled around, but at least is wasn’t raining.

While touch-a-trucks are fairly similar, Nunda Township’s is especially fun because much of it takes place on a large hill. Seeing the equipment towering over you and tilted at different angles feeds the imagination.

Address: 3518 Bay Rd, Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Clearly, some of those imaginations were a little older than others. But that’s okay. It’s always good to let the kid inside of us come out and play once in a while. If you didn’t make it, you might be in luck, as the Algonquin Township Road District’s Touch-A-Truck is coming up.

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