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Help other Lifers just like you in discovering great experiences in McHenry County! When you share an experience, you also help the businesses you love. Aside from giving them your business, the next best way to show your support is by sharing your great experiences!

It’s Easy

1. Search below to find a business you’ve visited recently or one of your favorite businesses to share your experience.
2. Click on that business’s listing.
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Below the form, you’ll also find some quick tips on sharing experiences.

Tips On Sharing Experiences

  • Share some unique specifics
  • Be honest & constructive
  • Keep it friendly & respectful
  • It’s OK to give less than perfect ratings, but also cut them some slack…no one is perfect
  • Think about 2-3 things that were important to you and share those…they might be important for someone else who is reading as well
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