Directory, Event, & Real Estate Listings

Our listing service is designed to provide you with a powerful tool to quickly and easily deliver an incredible amount of information and detail to your target audience.

Let’s break that down…

Quickly & Easily

  • Most listings can be submitted in 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Most of the information submitted for your listing is done by simply checking boxes.
  • The entire process is done online.
  • And you’ll have full access to change or update your listing as often as you want, whenever you want.

Info & Details

  • Even with a completely FREE listing, you’ll be able to provide over 30 pieces of detail that may be important to your audience.
  • You can share your unique story. And we highly recommend you do so, after all, you are more than just a phone number and address.
  • You can provide links to your website and social media accounts.
  • You can upload images and your logo for brand awareness.

Target Audience

  • Our listings are for McHenry County only (and cities that cross into the county), so you aren’t competing with every other Chicago, northwest suburb, southern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois listing.
  • We are search engine-friendly and also promote across our own social media accounts, so we can help you reach new audiences.
  • We also provide a McHenry County online Magazine and useful Guides, so we also appeal to a broader but local audience.

Furthermore, your listing is also the first step to potentially being included in some of our guides and magazine articles, as well as our Marketing & Promotional Services (many of which are also free).

Listing Pricing & Features

Check this section for all the details on listing subscriptions. Learn about all of the different features and the details and information that can be included. This page also covers subscription pricing, including free listings, and details on which features are available at each subscription level. For those who may be interested in upgrading from our Free listing tier, be sure to read about our unprecedented “lifetime” approach to pricing and discounts. Learn more about Pricing & Features.

Claiming or Adding a Listing

After you understand everything that can be communicated through a listing and the different subscription levels, this section details the actual process of claiming (in the case where we may already have a listing for you) or adding a new listing from scratch. This section also dives into the detail about the different sections and categories to help you better understand where your listing should be placed. And if you hold events, you may want to add both a Directory listing as well as Event listings. Claim or Add your listing now.

Nonprofit Pricing Discount Program

For those of you who represent nonprofits, we also provide a special discount on listing subscriptions. And just like the pricing and discounts available to all members, your discounted pricing is lifetime based. Learn more about our Nonprofit Pricing Discount Program.

Demo listing, new version of McHenry Life.
Demo business Directory listing page.