Nonprofit Pricing Discount Program

We know the challenges faced by nonprofits, especially when it comes to resources…especially limitations and scarcity of those resources!

That’s why we created the McHenry Life Nonprofit Pricing Discount Program to help McHenry County nonprofits market their organizations and events.

Eligibility Requirements

Just like business listings in the Directory, there are certain requirements:

  • Located within McHenry County, Illinois borders
  • OR are located within a city that crosses into McHenry County
  • Are a registered 501(c) organization

Current Nonprofit Discount

The current nonprofit discount for verified 501(c) organizations is 50% off of a Standard, Enhanced, or Premium subscription.

Note that only one discount may be applied at any time, so if we are offering any other discounts that result in greater savings, please use that instead.

How to Apply for Discount

Follow the same process as regular organizations:

  • Create a member account
  • Claim or submit your listing
  • Select a Basic subscription
  • Provide us with proof of 501(c) status by submitting the form below
  • If approved, we will provide you with a special discount code to use for upgrading your directory listing and any event listings
Here to help.