Editorial Policy

  • Editorial Neutrality: McHenry Life works hard to ensure that business interests such as advertising do not influence editorial content in our reviews and Magazine articles.
  • Community Opinion: Business reviews and comments written by members of the McHenry Life community are their own opinions and do not reflect our opinions at McHenry Life.
  • Don’t Be Mean: McHenry Life reserves the right to remove any review, comment, or listing written by members of the McHenry Life community that is deemed by us to be hateful, unfair, or of low value to our community. Play nicely, please.

We have two goals at McHenry Life: to encourage our community to experience and explore McHenry County and to help businesses in McHenry County flourish. As a result, we offer business opportunities such as advertising and marketing opportunities on our site, as well as a Magazine offering personal experiences and opinions based on our experiences with businesses in McHenry County.

These two goals may seem at cross purposes – how can we ensure that the Magazine articles are not influenced by whether or not that business is advertising with McHenry Life? This is a common issue at every publication – newspapers, print magazines, blog sites, everything on the internet.

At McHenry Life, we maintain a natural separation between the business (advertising dollars) and editorial (Magazine articles) based on Brian’s personal interest and experience in the business side and Jill’s personal interest and experience in the editorial side.

If you think something we’ve published runs afoul of our promise of keeping business interests separate from editorial content, please tell us and we’ll work it out.

Write for McHenry Life

If you share our passion for exploring McHenry Life and helping others do the same, why not write for us? Contact Jill to find out more, or just to pitch an idea for a story.

If your interest lies more in the realm of raising visibility for your business than in writing magazine articles, we can help with that as well. Contact Brian to think outside the box about ways to maximize your visibility on McHenry Life.