Company Profile Spotlight Story

Every business has a story. What’s yours? We’d like to know and we bet, others in McHenry County would also. More than just a company profile, spotlights give us a chance to shine a light on your unique story. They provide a human element that may resonate with your neighbors. They can share the interesting backstory of how your business started, whether it’s new or third generation. They can share the story of obstacles overcome, or just interesting history. They provide a chance to show how your business has impacted the community as well as how the community has impacted you. They provide a vehicle for sharing what the future holds, as well as an opportunity to give thanks for the past.

Here are a few of the benefits of having your company profile featured in a Spotlight Story:

  • A chance to share your own story and be recognized.
  • Promote your social media profiles, McHenry Life listing page, and of course, your website.
  • You can time it to integrate it with a McHenry Life sweepstakes sponsorship and your other external marketing efforts.
  • Your Spotlight Story will be featured on our homepage and promoted across our social media profiles.
  • Your McHenry Life listing will feature a Spotlight Story badge, differentiating it from others and calling attention to it.
  • Your story will link to your listing page, and we’ll add a link to your story from your listing page.

And in case you were wondering, being featured in a Spotlight Story is of course free!

Don’t wait. Contact us today so that we can begin planning your McHenry Life Spotlight!