Sponsor a Sweepstakes

McHenry Life sweepstakes help boost your brand presence and introduce your business to a wider audience. They are a fun way to get people to talk about you while also encouraging them to interact with you on your website, your listing page, your social media pages, as well as sharing you with their friends.

Here are a few benefits for sponsoring a sweepstakes giveaway on McHenry Life:

  • Integrate with your other marketing programs for new product or service offerings, new locations, celebrating anniversaries or milestones, holiday promotions and sales, and more.
  • You put up the prize, we manage the rest.
  • Incorporate your own goals into the sweepstakes, whether that be viewing a page on your website, your social media pages, viewing a video you have on YouTube, answering a survey question, and more. We’ll work with you to construct a giveaway that delivers value to you and the winner!
  • While we have certain standards for giveaways that must be met, we’ll work with you to choose the giveaways and the number awarded that works for you.
  • Begin planning a giveaway early and you can choose the timing of the sweepstakes. Again, this can be hugely valuable when you are coordinating around other marketing programs you are doing.
  • By working with us, we can build out an enhanced sweepstakes landing page that incorporates your own messaging, images, video, etc.
  • Interested in being featured in a Spotlight Story? Let’s incorporate a giveaway with that and we can host the giveaway right on that page.
  • Your sponsored sweepstakes will be featured on our homepage and promoted across our social media profiles.
  • We’ll share analytics data with you so you can gauge how it performed.

Don’t wait. Submit today so that we can begin planning your McHenry Life sweepstakes!

Demo giveaway form.
Sample giveaway entry form.
Collection of helium balloons.
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