Snapshot Marketing Program


We are introducing Snapshots as a way to help promote businesses and organizations within McHenry County by providing an unprecedented marketing offering. While we feel it can be especially beneficial to new startup businesses and small businesses, it is open to all McHenry County businesses, non-profits, and organizations of all sizes.

Snapshots provide a quick and simple glimpse into what you have to offer, while also providing you with photos that you can use across your marketing efforts, such as on your website and across your social media presence. Our goal is to help expose you to more potential customers.

What Exactly are Snapshots?


Before we get into what they are, we should touch on who is eligible so we don’t waste your time. Eligibility is simple:

  • Snapshots are available to any organization with a Directory listing at the Premier level.

What’s Included

Your Snapshot will be a featured mini-magazine article including:

  • Brief ~100-200 words of copy (with your help providing some initial content)
  • Link to your McHenry Life Directory listing
  • On-site mini “photo shoot” of your location, products you want to feature, you and your team, etc.
  • ~12 high-res photos in the article that will also be provided to you for your own use
  • Sharing your Snapshot across our social media accounts


This is perhaps what makes this truly unprecedented:

  • 1 Free Snapshot per active Directory listing.
  • No additional charge unless there are fees or costs that we must incur in order to provide your Snapshot.

How Does It Work?

After you let us know that you are interested, we’ll contact you to discuss timing. You’ll submit the rough copy that you would like to share, which we’ll use as the basis for the content that we’ll craft for your Snapshot.

You’ll let us know what your overall goal is, such as just to provide a broad view of your business and what you have to offer, or a more focused view, such as the new products you are going to be offering.

Note: while Snapshots are ideal for “visually rich” businesses with product offerings, such as retail stores, restaurants, cafes, etc., they are not limited to those types of businesses. So, even if you are an accounting firm, we can still feature photos of your location and staff.

We’ll then schedule a time to come on-site to take photos. Then we’ll process the photos, craft your Snapshot, give you a chance to review and make any necessary changes, then publish it, promote it, and provide you with the resulting photos for your own use.


If you haven’t already claimed or added your Directory listing, please be sure to do that by going to the Claim or Add Listing page.

Once your listing has been approved, go ahead and submit a request by filling out the form by clicking the Request Form button below. You may also want to review the Affidavit that will need to be signed, which states that we are providing you the images for you to use as you wish in exchange for allowing us to use those images within our marketing.