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Please Note: All submissions are reviewed for approval and must meet the following requirements:

  • Physically located within McHenry County, Illinois (or within a city that is partially within McHenry County).
  • Physical address – all listings are tied to a physical address. Even if you have a home-based business that does not receive customers or clients, your listing requires an address. You may provide information that informs how you service clients (i.e., online, at client location, etc.).

If you don’t meet these requirements, please don’t waste your time trying to submit your listing.

Dining & Entertainment Section

Are you all about the food and drink needs for when we are all out and about? Or do you feature things to do or see?

Business owner? Please claim your listing and upload your own image.

Dining Category

Subcategories: Bakeries & Desserts; Banquets & Catering; Bars, Pubs, & Clubs; Coffee, Tea, & Cafes; Fast Food; Restaurants; and all other food & drink places.

Entertainment (and Activities) Category

Subcategories: Arts & Crafts, Museums & Galleries, Music & Dance, Outdoor Activities, Sports & Athletics, Theaters & Theatres, and all other activity-related type places.
(Note: “date” specific Activities or Entertainment should be listed under Events)

Health & Beauty Section

If you service health and wellness or beauty needs, this section features the important categories that address head to toe for both young and old.

Business owner? Please claim your listing and upload your own image.

Health & Wellness Category

Subcategories: Assisted Care, Counseling & Mental Health, Dental, Fitness, Hospitals & Clinics, Physicians, Vision, and all other essential health and wellness offerings.

Beauty Category

Subcategories: Barber, Massage & Spa, Nails, Salon, Tattoo & Piercing.

Shopping Section

Whether you call yourself a store, a shop, a marketplace, or a market, if you are all about providing the goods, then this is probably the section for you.

Stores Category

Subcategories: Books, Music, & Videos; Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories; Drugstore & Medical Supply; Electronics & Computers; Flowers & Gifts; Grocery & Liquor; Home Decore & Furniture; Home Improvement & Hardware; Office Supplies; Sporting Goods; Toys & Hobbies; and all other similar stores.

Vehicle Related Category

Subcategories: Auto Parts, Boats & Marine, Car Dealerships, Motor Cycles & ATVs, and all other vehicle-related businesses.

Services & Organizations Section

Do you offer services directly to individuals or other businesses?

Personal & General Services Category

Subcategories: Auto Repair & Body Shops, Child Care, Dry Cleaning & Laundry, Pets & Animals, Self Storage, Tailoring & Repair, and all other related personal or general services.

Professional Services Category

Subcategories: Business Services, Engineering, Financial & Accounting, Insurance, Legal, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology, and all other related professional services.

Home & Building Services Category

Subcategories: Architecture, Carpentry, Cleaning, Contractors, Design & Decorating, Electricians, HVAC, Landscaping & Gardening, Painters, Plumbers, Roofing & Siding, Utilities, and all other related home and building services.

Travel & Transportation Services Category

Subcategories: Lodging, Transportation (including car and truck rental), and Travel Agencies.

Organizations Category

Subcategories: Business Organizations, Education, Human Services, Public Services & Government, Religious Organizations, and all other organizations, clubs, or groups.

Calendar Events

If what you want to list is calendar-specific rather than any or every day, this is the section you want. There may be similarities here to Activity listings, but the key difference is being date-related.

Businesses may have a regular Directory listing and then have one or more Events listings for date-specific events.

Event Categories

Subcategories: Arts & Crafts, Business & Commercial, Community & Social, Dance, Festivals, Food & Drinks, Health & Wellness, Hobby & Interests, Learning & Educational, Literary Arts, Music, Sales, Sports & Recreation, Theater, and any other date-specific events.

Real Estate Listings

Are you looking to list a property for sale or rent?

Residential Categories

Subcategories: Apartments, Condominiums, Duplex & Similar, Farm, Lots & Land, Mobile, Single Family Homes, Other Residential Property.

Commercial Categories

Subcategories: Entertainment, Flex, Health & Medical, Hospitality, Industrial, Land, Multifamily, Coworking Office, Executive Office, Office / Retail Mixed, Residential Income, Restaurant, Retail, Shopping Center, Specialty, Sports, Other Commercial Property.

* Commercial also includes businesses for sale.

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