Expert Articles – Be a Guest Contributor

An important mission for us is to provide interesting, useful content, that further promotes McHenry County businesses and organizations, while also serving those who live, shop, dine, and work in McHenry County. We can only do so much on our own though. We also don’t have in-depth subject matter expertise across every industry, business, and topic that readers may be interested in.

If you have expertise to share, a desire to write, and an idea for an article, or are a photographer, we’d love to hear about it.

Here are a few of the benefits for being having an Expert Article published on McHenry Life:

  • Demonstrate your subject matter expertise.
  • Receive a byline, including links to your McHenry Life listing page, your website, and social profiles.
  • Your Expert Article will be featured on our homepage and promoted across our social media profiles.

Please note that articles must meet certain criteria:

  • They must be of general interest to our audience. They may be topically specific, but they should not be news or politically focused.
  • They are not advertising and cannot be specifically self-promotional. Let your expertise and byline do the advertising, not your content.
  • Content must be unique that has not been published or posted elsewhere (either before or after posting on McHenry Life).
  • We reserve the right to review and edit any article that we publish.
  • How long should articles be? Long enough to get the information across. It can vary, depending on the topic, but in general, somewhere between 600 – 1600 words.
  • Photography: can submit 12-24 images (may be tastefully watermarked) for a camera-roll series; preferably with a brief writeup and some captions.

Have an idea for an article? Email us today with a brief explanation of the article idea you have and a little background on why you are qualified to write it. We can then let you know whether it is something we might be interested in before you invest the time and energy writing it. Please note that submission of any article does not guarantee publication.

Ready to share your knowledge?