Snowmobiling Trails in McHenry County Guide

If the start of your winter is signified by the message, “snowmobiling trails are open,” then you’ve come to the right place. Snowmobile enthusiasts, our snowmobile trails guide for McHenry County is here to help feed your adrenaline cravings. Our guide will steer you toward official park-managed snowmobile trails across McHenry County, though there may be many other official and unofficial locations to ride. Be sure to see the links we’ve included which will also lead you to snowmobile trail maps.

You may also want to check with the McHenry County Snowmobile Association for additional snowmobiling trails, speed runs, competitions, and group rides. You can also find more information from the IASC (Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs), including links to statewide trail conditions.

If you are involved with or manage any snowmobiling events, be sure to add them to our Events Calendar as well! It’s free and we’ll help promote your event. And, if you have information about other official trails, please see the form below to submit it and help us update our list.

For those days when there isn’t enough big-sled snow but you want to get outside, be sure to check our other guides for Sledding Hills, Ice Skating Rinks, and Cross Country Skiing Trails in McHenry County.

All information is subject to change and we always recommend contacting the specific locations to verify conditions and availability, especially those that are weather-dependent.

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Snowmobiling Tips

  • Dress appropriately. Wear layers of warm, waterproof clothing, including a snowmobile suit, insulated bibs, boots, gloves, hat, and face mask. Don’t forget a helmet!
  • Check the weather conditions. Make sure the weather is clear and the trails are open before you head out.
  • Ride with a buddy. Never go snowmobiling alone.
  • Follow the rules of the road. Stay to the right side of the trail, yield to oncoming traffic, and obey all posted signs.
  • Start slow and take your time. Don’t try to go too fast, especially if you’re new to snowmobiling.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for obstacles like trees, rocks, and other snowmobilers.
  • Take breaks. Stop and rest every few hours to avoid getting tired.
  • Notify. Let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.
  • Phone. Carry a cell phone and a map in case you get lost.
  • First-aid. Pack a first-aid kit and some emergency supplies.
  • Respect. Be respectful of the environment. Don’t litter or damage the trails. Don’t trespass.

Here are some additional tips for specific situations:

  • Riding in deep powder: Keep your momentum up and avoid stopping. If you do get stuck, don’t panic. Slowly rock the snowmobile back and forth until you can free it.
  • Riding in hard-packed snow: Be careful not to go too fast, as it can be harder to stop on hard-packed snow.
  • Riding uphill: Lean forward and apply the throttle evenly.
  • Riding downhill: Lean back and apply the brakes gently.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the ride!

Harvard Snowmobiling Trails

Rush Creek Conservation Area

Maintained by the McHenry County Conservation District, Rush Creek features a 2.2-mile snowmobile trail running from Windy Hill, Lindwall, and Streit Roads. Open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Address: 20501 McGuire Rd, Harvard, IL 60033

Phone: 815-334-7669

Information: Trail Info, Park Details, McHenry County Conservation District

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Richmond Snowmobiling Trails

Hebron Trail

The Hebron Trail connects to the Prairie Trail through North Branch Conservation Area near Richmond on the east, and on the west travels from Lange Road through Hebron to Church Street. The trail travels along oak savanna, sedge meadow, and over the winding banks of Nippersink Creek. The trail takes a quiet route through rural farmland, open meadows and past the wetland complex of Goose Lake Conservation Area.

Address: 11500 North Keystone Rd, Richmond, IL 60071

Phone: 815-334-7669

Information: Trail Info, Details, McHenry County Conservation District

Snowmobile and tracks in the snow.

Ringwood Snowmobiling Trails

Glacial Park Conservation Area

This massive and massively popular conservation area provides several miles of snowmobile trails. You can also get a printed McHenry County snowmobile trail map at the Lost Valley Visitor Center. Maintained by the McHenry County Conservation District, the area is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Address: 6705 State Rte 31, Ringwood, IL 60072

Phone: 815-678-4532 (Lost Valley Visitor Center), 815-334-7669

Information: Trail Info, Park Details, McHenry County Conservation District


Prairie Trail North

This unpaved section runs between the Village of McHenry northbound thru Richmond and westbound along the Hebron Trail. The trail is shared by horseback riders in warmer months and snowmobilers during the winter.

Site users can intersect the trail at numerous points as well as park and ride from Hillside Road Lot, at Peterson Park in McHenry, or at Glacial Park Harts Road Parking Lot in Ringwood (address below).

Address: 6705 Rte 31, Ringwood, IL 60072

Phone: 815-334-7669

Information: Trail Info, Details, McHenry County Conservation District

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Spring Grove Snowmobiling Trails

Chain O’ Lakes State Park

Located in both McHenry and Lake Counties, the Chain O’ Lakes State Park provides year-round outdoor fun. Snowmobiling is NOT permitted in the park, but parking is available at the boat launch to access the frozen lake. Open daily in the winter months from 8:00 am to sunset.

Address: 8916 Wilmot Rd, Spring Grove, IL 60081

Phone: 847-587-5512

Information: Trail Info,

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