Happy Anniversary & the Great McHenry Life Directory Drive Giveaway

Today, at 1:10pm on Thursday, October 7, 2021, marks 7 years since the official launch of McHenry Life. Seven years probably sounds more amazing than it should, but as many of you have only just discovered McHenry Life, that’s fair. But like many “side projects,” it was relegated to the back-burner for much of its life until now, running on autopilot.

What may be more amazing is that the idea for McHenry Life harkens back even further, to 2011! You can read more about how it all started in our very first posts Hello McHenry County and Why McHenry Life? as well as our post from this spring, Long Winter…Out of Hibernation, when we officially relaunched.

Aside from updating the Trick or Treating Hours post every year, admittedly, not much else was happening actively with McHenry Life. With two careers, a family, and everyday life to contend with, there wasn’t much leftover to give toward McHenry Life.

But the dream remained.

And the growing guilt, month after month, year after year, of never giving it the attention it deserved, we decided to go all-in…reimagine, rebuild, and relaunch.

And here we are!


  • 2011 Idea for McHenry Life
  • 2014 Began building McHenry Life in May
  • 2014 Officially launched in October
  • 2019 Ground-up rebuild started around February
  • 2021 Official relaunch in May

Make Something Amazing

While some things have been reimagined, the ultimate goal of making something amazing holds true.

We set out to build the best, most detailed directory around, so that businesses (and others) could provide as much detail to existing and potential customers as possible…from whether they offer WiFi, takeout or delivery options, type of parking, whether they have someone who speaks specific languages (including sign language), types of discounts offered, to the type of atmosphere, whether they are kid-friendly, or even pet friendly.

And then do that again for an Event Calendar. Oh, and then we did that once more when we relaunched this year with Real Estate listings!

And, if that wasn’t enough, offer all of that for free so that no business, organization, or nonprofit felt unable to be able to afford to market their offering through McHenry Life.

With the relaunch, we also added the Spotlight Stories to really give you, the businesses, organizations, and nonprofits of McHenry County, a chance to open up and tell your story. Learn more about the Spotlight Story program.

We also introduced the Sweepstakes giveaway program, which you can learn more about the sweepstakes program as well as see giveaways that have been offered to date, thanks to our amazing cosponsors, Just Crock It, Foxy’s, and CHILLnTUB.

Help Us Make Something Exceptional

We are completely committed to building out an amazing resource and experience for the McHenry County community. A place where people can turn to find new experiences and share their own amazing experiences; to create the destination when you are wondering “who has the best fish tacos” or trying to find a “reliable plumber.”

And while we’ve continued to add listings ourselves and have already had some great businesses and nonprofits claim or add their own listings, we really wanted to turn this process “up to 11!”

So while we celebrate our 7 year anniversary, we also feel compelled to “earn” that anniversary by making up for quite a few years in the middle where we coasted. And since the 7th year anniversary gift is copper…

You may prefer a check though.

The Great McHenry Life Directory Drive Giveaway

We have an extra special sweepstakes giveaway to help encourage participation, show appreciation, and demonstrate our commitment to your McHenry Life.

This giveaway is very different than the other giveaways that we have done, both in requirements and eligibility, so be sure to review carefully.

Criteria: The following special criteria must be met, in addition to the actual giveaway entry & full sweepstakes rules:

  1. Entrant is a business, organization, or nonprofit located within McHenry County, Illinois (including entrants who reside within a city that crosses the border, even though they themselves may not be physically located within the county borders).
  2. Entrant has officially claimed their Directory listing on McHenry Life prior to the close of the sweepstakes, and has been designated as the verified owner of that listing prior to the official sweepstakes drawing.
  3. OR Entrant has submitted their Directory listing prior to the close of the sweepstakes, and has had their listing approved and they have been designated as the verified owner of that listing prior to the official sweepstakes drawing.
  4. Entrant has also officially entered the sweepstakes and completed any mandatory actions associated with that entry.

Note: Open to existing Lifers who already have a claimed listing. Just skip to step 3 below.

Steps to Participate:

  1. Create your Lifer member account (free) if you haven’t already.
  2. Claim your Directory listing (if already listed) or submit your Directory listing (free)
  3. Once it is approved, enter the giveaway (you’ll need your Lifer member name and URL to your Directory listing for the first two entry actions)

Tip: not a business owner or organization director? If your employer is located in McHenry County, be sure to let them know about the giveaway and if they win, maybe they’ll share!

Or, share this with your favorite businesses to help them out!

Be sure to review the Criteria and Steps to Participate!

President and Founder of Identity Developments, LLC, the parent company of the McHenry Life website. My hope for McHenry Life is to create a resource and destination for the residents and businesses of McHenry County alike. A place where residents can discover new places to explore, fun events and ways to spend time, and then share those experiences with others. A place where businesses can connect with existing and potential customers, and not simply market their businesses, but share their own unique stories.

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