Food Pantry Guide for McHenry County

We’ve all been hungry, but most of us, hopefully, have very little idea what actual hunger is like. True hunger, measured in days, weeks, or worse. The related agonies of not knowing how you are going to satisfy your or your family’s hunger.

Most of us have probably never used a food pantry. This last year though has seen more people challenged with hunger then perhaps any other time in most of our lifetimes.

After putting together the Farmers Markets Guide, it had me thinking about food in general and then food pantries. I figured a guide on food pantries for McHenry County could be useful and quick to pull together. I quickly discovered that “quick” might have been a bit presumptuous.

On one hand, I was a little amazed at the number of food pantries in the area…more than I had ever heard about. But on the other hand, it was a bit frustrating, seeing lists that were clearly outdated, links to websites that no longer worked, and not a lot of comprehensive lists to begin with.

With your help, we hope to change that. If you know of any food pantries or similar resources that we haven’t included, please hop over to our contact page and drop us a line with as much information as you have. We will continue to update this as we get new and more information.

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Finding Food Pantries

Below, you’ll find the list of local McHenry County food pantries that we have compiled…so far. We’ve broken them out by city to make it easier to find what may be closest to you or someone you know. This list is primarily made up of “traditional food pantries.”

If you are in need, instead of or in addition to those listed here, be sure to check around with local agencies, churches, community groups, schools, etc. There may be other forms of assistance available that aren’t promoted specifically as a food pantry or assistance that may be available as part of other programs.

Using Food Pantries

First…things change quickly, so please reach out ahead of time to confirm details: location, hours, any specific requirements or qualifications, etc.

Second…as mentioned above, some pantries may be open to all, others may be limited to residents of their city/village, or there may be income/need requirements. Each may be different and have its own requirements and processes, so best to get details on that upfront.

Third…it’s also good to find out any specific operational details like whether payment is expected and what forms of payment are accepted, whether you need to bring your own bags, any quantity limits on specific foods, or whether some foods are only available on certain days, etc.

Food pantry.
Food pantry.

McHenry County Food Pantries

Cary Food Pantries

Cary-Grove Food Pantry

Address: 8901 Cary Algonquin Rd, Cary, IL 60013

Phone: 847-516-3602

Information: Cary-Grove Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Crystal Lake Food Pantries

Crystal Lake Food Pantry

Address: 42 East Street, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone: 815-455-0961

Information: Crystal Lake Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Harvest Bible Chapel

Address: 580 Tracy Trail, Crystal Lake, 60014

Phone: 847-398-7005

Information: Harvest Bible Chapel, McHenry Life Listing

The Salvation Army Crystal Lake Corps Community Center

Address: 290 W Crystal Lake Ave, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone: 815-455-2769

Information: The Salvation Army Crystal Lake Corps Community Center, McHenry Life Listing

Harvard Food Pantries

Harvard Community Food Pantry

Address: Lions Park, 6817 Harvard Hills Rd, Harvard, IL 60033


Information: Harvard Community Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Huntley Food Pantries

Grafton Food Pantry

Address: 11481 Allison Court, Huntley, IL 60142

Phone: 847-495-0922

Information: Grafton Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Open Hands Food Pantry

Address: 17N230 Manning Rd, Huntley, IL 60142


Information: Open Hands Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Island Lake Food Pantries

Faith Acres Foundation

Address: 215 E State Rd Unit H, Island Lake, IL 60042

Phone: 815-669-0188

Information: Faith Acres Foundation, McHenry Life Listing

Wauconda/Island Lake Food Pantry

Address: 505 W Bonner Rd, Wauconda, IL 60084

Phone: 847-526-8684

Information: Wauconda/Island Lake Food Pantry

Lake in the Hills Food Pantries

Algonquin-LITH Interfaith Food Pantry

Address: 1113 Pyott Rd, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156

Phone: 847-854-1904

Information: Algonquin-LITH Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Marengo Food Pantries

M.O.R.E. Center Food Pantry

Address: 829 Greenlee St, Marengo, IL 60152

Phone: 815-568-7950

Information: M.O.R.E. Center Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

McHenry Food Pantries

Casa De Vida Church

Address: 4513 Front Royal Dr, McHenry, IL 60050

Phone: 815-669-1408

Information: Casa De Vida Church, McHenry Life Listing

FISH of McHenry

Address: 3515 N Richmond Rd, McHenry, IL 60051

Phone: 815-344-4717

Information: FISH of McHenry, McHenry Life Listing

Spring Grove Food Pantries

Northern Illinois Helping Hands Food Pantry

Address: 2502 Spring Ridge Dr, Spring Grove, IL 60081

Phone: 815-245-7345

Information: Helping Hands Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Wonder Lake Food Pantries

Neighbors Food Pantry of Wonder Lake / Nativity Lutheran Church

Address: 3506 E Wonder Lake Dr, Wonder Lake, IL 60097

Phone: 815-355-5459

Information: Neighbors Food Pantry of Wonder Lake / Nativity Lutheran Church, McHenry Life Listing

Woodstock Food Pantries

Woodstock Food Pantry

Address: 1033 Lake Ave, Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone: 815-337-0375

Information: Woodstock Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Woodstock Public Library Food Pantry

Address: 414 W. Judd Street, Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone: 815-338-0542

Information: Woodstock Public Library Food Pantry, McHenry Life Listing

Note: Please consult the respective informational sources for the most current information as details may have changed since publication or update.

If you are connected with any of these or any other local McHenry County food pantries or resources, we’d be happy to correct, update, or add your information. Please hop over to our contact page and send us your information. We also invite you to add or claim your free Directory listing (if appropriate) or your free Event listings for any related events.


If you wish to help, many of these food pantries and organizations can use volunteers. Some organizations may also take donations, either in food or financial contributions.

Northern Illinois Food Bank & Feeding America

One site that does provide a wealth of information, well beyond what we have here, is the Northern Illinois Food Bank. They are also a member of Feeding America, which is headquartered in Chicago and works at a national level.

In addition to helping directly with any of the McHenry County organizations above, you may wish to consider donating directly to the Northern Illinois Food Bank and/or Feeding America. Financial donations through them often carry more buying power.

Northern Illinois Food Bank logo.
Feeding America logo.

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