Autumn Drive for 2022

The annual Autumn Drive is one of those events that we try to work into the calendar every year. It’s one of those mile markers on the year that just signals the shift from summer into autumn and the coming winter. And some years, it feels a lot more like winter than fall! Perhaps this year that was just as true, depending on which days you went. Fortunately, when we went on Saturday felt a lot more like fall, but I have a feeling that Sunday probably felt a bit more like winter.

If you haven’t attended yet, I highly recommend it. It’s generally three days in October over a weekend. It’s held in an area of McHenry County out in the country, west/southwest of Woodstock.

The vendor lineup varies each year, though there are a number of “stops” along the drive that you can expect every year. But a number of the stops also feature traveling vendors, so there is always an opportunity to discover someone new.

And what you’ll find varies, though again there are repeated themes. The foundation rests on antiques and not-so-antiques, some crafts and artisan works, with mums, pumpkins, and other seasonal elements layered over the top. And after that, just about anything else!

Address: 3600 Franklinville Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098

I have to confess, shopping isn’t the main draw for us. In fact, quite often, we might not come home with anything more than apple cider donuts (which if we are being truly honest, have never actually made it “home”) and some pumpkins. But there are the occasional unique finds or gifts that are picked up.

More than anything though, the Autumn Drive provides a great escape to get out into the open country, take in some fresh air, and hopefully catch some wonderful color in the leaves. While this year’s Autumn Drive has come and passed, we hope you’ll enjoy some photos from this year as well as Autumn Drive 2021 to tide you over until next year.

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Can’t get enough of the Autumn Drive? We can’t! Here’s more from last year’s 33rd Annual Autumn Drive Festival.

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