Add or Disable Your Screenshot

Adding a screenshot is easy…you don’t have to do anything to add a screenshot to your listing, other than add your website within the listing form. When you do that, we automatically, periodically, grab a screenshot of your website for your listing card as well as on your listing page.

Where does your screenshot show up and when?

On your listing card. When you’ve added your website URL to your listing but haven’t added any images, it will be the only image on your listing card.

If you’ve added images, it will be the last image on your listing card image carousel (or click the left side arrow to go directly to it).

Your screenshot will also show on your listing page, below your logo, if you’ve added one.

Demo of the website screenshot.

Undesirable Screenshot

Not happy with your screenshot? Not even sure what is going on with your screenshot?

Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. We’ll touch on some of those below, and then we’ll show what you can do about it. In all cases, the first thing you should do is click on the link to your website to see if it loads correctly for you. If it doesn’t, then the issue maybe your website or the URL you provided may not be correct (i.e., mistyped, spaces or other characters, etc.).

Broken or Unknown Issues

If you see a screenshot like the example here, there may a technical reason we are unable to grab a screenshot. Maybe your web host is blocking this or some other reason.

Either way, this is probably a hard one to fix, so just skip down below to “Disable Screenshots.”

Example of blocked screenshot.
Forbidden 403, 500, or just blank image screenshots.

404 Missing

If you see a screenshot like this example, definitely check to make sure you’ve entered your URL correctly in the listing form. If you click on your link and your site loads correctly, you might want to check back in a day and see if the issue resolves itself.

It might also be another example of the Broken and Unknown type of issue detailed above, in which case, just skip down below to “Disable Screenshots.”

Example of 404 screenshot.
404 File Not Found.

Don’t Like Your Screenshot

Unlike the other types of issues, this one doesn’t involve a problem with grabbing a screenshot, just that it results in a sub-optimal one.

This might be because of a message window, cookie or other forms, or maybe there is another page on your website that you want to use, but you still want your link to go to your homepage (which we recommend).

You’re in luck. Take a look at the “Disable Screenshots” and the “Upload Your Own Website Screenshot” sections below.

Example of sub-optimal screenshot.
403, 500, or just blank image screenshots.

Disable Screenshots

But what if you don’t want a screenshot? First off, we’d love to know why you don’t want a screenshot of your website on your listing, so please take a second and let us know in case there is anything we can do to improve this feature. We think the screenshot is one more way you can differentiate your listing and further build your brand presence.

Either way though, we do give you the ability to completely remove the screenshot.

How do you disable your screenshot?

Just go into your listing to edit it, and partway down the listing form, just below where you enter your website URL, you’ll see a check box to “Disable Website Screenshot.”

Just check that box and we won’t show a screenshot on your listing card or page anymore.

Before you do that though, read on for another option that might be more appealing.

Demo of the listing form screenshot interface.
Disable screenshot from the listing form.

Upload Your Own Website Screenshot

If you want a screenshot, just not the one that is showing up for your listing, read on for instructions on how you can have your cake and eat it too. Now we want cake.

Just follow the instructions above on how to “Disable Screenshots” from inside your listing form.

And then below that, you’ll see we’ve provided a form for you to upload your own screenshot image. You will have to create this screenshot yourself, and unlike the automatic version we grab, this one won’t be periodically updated unless you create and upload a new one. Fortunately, you can do that whenever and as often as you wish.

If you upload your own screenshot, be sure to check the “Disable Website Screenshot” box or we’ll continue to use the one we grab automatically. We’ll only show one screenshot at a time, but we give you the ability to control which one that is.

Demo of the listing form screenshot interface.
Screenshot Upload.

Making a Great Website Screenshot

If you decide to upload your own screenshot, here are some tips on how to make the best screenshot you can.

Example screenshot within browser window.
Sub-optimal screenshot…notice how the browser window is included and detracts from your website?
Example of an ideal screenshot.
Optimal screenshot…no browser window, no hover effects, not “too” big.
  • Orientation: landscape-oriented photos.
  • Format: jpg recommended (jpg or png, whichever is smaller in file size).
  • File size: up to 3MB.
  • Image size: between 800-1500px wide (or larger, which we’ll scale down for you).
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or 4:3 preferred (fairly standard options on smartphone cameras). If you have an existing image but aren’t sure of the aspect ratio, then just divide the smaller resolution number by the larger number. Example, 1080px / 1920px = .5625 (16:9) 1768px / 1024px = .75 (4:3).
  • Compression: As long as it fits within the 3MB limit, we recommend uploading either uncompressed or no lower than 70% compression. If there are file savings to be had, we’ll automatically compress after you upload your image. If you’ve over-compressed it, we can’t uncompress it though.
  • Composition: Be sure to look your image over carefully. Is it just your website, or does it include your browser window or your entire desktop? Ideally, you want it to just be your website. Does your mouse appear in it or is a dropdown menu or something else showing up because your mouse was hovering over something when you grabbed the screenshot?