Hosted or Sponsored Experiences & Event Promotions

The Snapshot Marketing Program and Spotlight Stories are all about you. These provide a way to help people get to know you, to share your unique story, how you got started, where you are heading in the future, etc. Obviously, we think those are pretty important things to share and should really serve as a foundation for your marketing program.

Hosted or Sponsored Experiences & Event Promotions is an experiential marketing program that gets layered on top of that. While the other programs are all about “you,” this is about what you “offer.” But not from a “menu” approach, but by giving people a firsthand view of what you offer. So in this case, we would take photos and focus the article on the experience you are providing.

Some Examples

While Event Promotion is fairly straightforward, Hosted or Sponsored Experiences are best illustrated with some examples.

  • Overnight or weekend stay for a B-n-B, spa, etc.
  • Museum or botanical garden access
  • Providing a demo car for a day or weekend for a new model release
  • Entry and amenities for a fair, festival, or other paid event
  • Entry into a performance, special behind-the-scenes access for photos
  • Entry into an expo with special vendor highlights (requires selecting and arranging access to vendors for highlights)

Those of course are just examples, so feel free to reach out to us if you are interested but don’t see a related example.

Direct Expenses

As the name suggests, any direct expenses, such as admission fees, parking fees, related food and beverage, and other directly related fees are to be waived or covered by you. Normal travel costs are excluded though.

Especially when there are a lot of events happening around the same time, we can’t be everywhere, so preference given to those who:

  • have already listed their events in our Events Calendar
  • contact us with an advance lead time
  • can provide a media pass, nearby special parking
  • can provide special access, media package, background information and details
  • cover expenses
Santa talking with young parade-goer.
Santa, making time to chat after the Cary-Grove parade.