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2019 Trick-or-Treat Hours & Tips for Halloween

Halloween is just around the bend and the witching hour is fast approaching. We’re sure your own little goblins are getting excited with anticipation. We wanted to pull together two key things that we thought would be of interest: trick-or-treating times for the McHenry County communities and some helpful Halloween tips and tricks. For the […]

Last Word on Passwords

The day of manually logging or worse, trying to keep site logins in your head, are gone. Or at least should be. The most secure protection is to have unique, complex, randomly generated logins for every site. Join us as we share how we keep track of more logins by remembering less.

Adventure for all at Richardson Farm

Wholesome Family Fall Fun As the rich colors start to take hold of the leaves and the air begins to take on that comfortable chill of Autumn, what could be a more idyllic setting than heading out to the country in search of pumpkins for Halloween. Memories of childhood trips to the pumpkin patch in […]

Keeping It Clean with CD One Price Cleaners

Clothing is something very near and dear to my heart. My very first job was working in the menswear department of a department store, and one of my favorite jobs of all times was working in a small menswear store selling suits, shirts, and ties. Less exciting was the laundromat/dry cleaning stint I had for […]

Approved Comfort with a Whole House Humidifier

As Fall will sadly be passing by sooner than it should and what sounds like another harsh winter is getting ready to unleash upon us, I can’t help but smile a little in anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of snowy, icy roads, trudging through snow and slush, shoveling sidewalks, and clearing the driveway, […]

Why McHenry Life?

A retrospective prologue as we launch a few weeks after initially planned… It Was August 26, 2014, a special day, or at least was hoped to be… Today I hit what I consider to be a milestone birthday. At 45, this may well be a halfway point, roughly speaking, in my career life at least. […]

Hello McHenry County

Within the programming world, there is what is known as the “Hello world program.” This is often the first coding that programmers learn in a language, which simply outputs the message “Hello world” to whatever output device may be used, most commonly now, the monitor. It also is  used as a basic, proof test to […]