Hello McHenry County

Within the programming world, there is what is known as the “Hello world program.” This is often the first coding that programmers learn in a language, which simply outputs the message “Hello world” to whatever output device may be used, most commonly now, the monitor. It also is  used as a basic, proof test to make sure “something” is working…perhaps the device, a short bit of code, whatever.

So it seems fitting as we launch this new website and service, that we should begin with a “Hello McHenry County” post. In this case, not just a test, but a befitting greeting. You see, at the core, McHenry Life is really about the “world within” our county borders. So much to see and do, yet we often overlook what is right here in our own backyard.

McHenry Life is all about McHenry County, Illinois. It was created by residents and  a company located in McHenry County. It is here primarily to serve the residents and businesses within McHenry County. As we explore the great cities and towns of McHenry, we look to share some of our experiences. We not only hope you’ll join us on the journey, but explore and share some of your own experiences as well.