Listing Package Features

Simplified Payments

You’ve got more important things to deal with than paying invoices. With auto-recurring payments through PayPal, we’ve taken the headache out of the equation.

Monthly payments keeps costs manageable for even the smallest businesses and tightest budgets. PayPal processing makes it safe and easy.

No Strings Attached

Have you been surprised at some of the “requirements” for marketing your business on other websites?

Paid extra just to get a link to your website? Required to put a link on your site back to their site? Were you “required” to “like” them on Facebook or “follow” them on Twitter?

Rest assured, you won’t find any of that here. We’re here to provide a great service to you and the community in a professional manner.

We hope to earn your respect and business by providing great value and service.

We’d love for you to “like” us and “follow” us, but you will never be “required” to.

We Give You the Keys

Your listing today may not reflect your business or your needs next year, next quarter, next month, or even next week.

Besides, who needs the pressure of trying to come up with the perfect listing that you are locked into for the next 6 to 12 months!

How often will you need to change your listing?

We didn’t know either, so instead, once we’ve verified your listing, you’ll get login credentials and you can access your listing to make the changes you want, when you want, as often as you want.

  • Owner Verified Listing

    Reassure McHenry Life users about the information provided with the “Owner Verified Listing” badge. Once we verify your ownership for a submission you are making or a listing you are claiming, this badge will appear on your listing.

  • Name, Address, & Phone

    Every listing includes the business name, address, and primary phone number to make sure potential customers can always find and reach you.

  • Business Description

    Business descriptionEvery listing comes with a business description that is fully editable for all business owner verified listings.

    Best of all, since you’ll have access to your listing dashboard once you’ve been verified, you get full access and ability to edit and modify your description whenever and as frequently as you would like! Note that character counts very by listing package.

  • Website Link

    Website linkEvery listing is able to provide a link to their website to make sure your potential customers can easily learn more about your business.

  • Map Placement

    Location mapEqually important, every listing includes map placement. And if that wasn’t enough, with “Driving Directions” from within your detail page, we make sure that customers can find their way from their door to yours.

  • Category Placement

    Our intuitive categories make it easy for you to place your listing in the appropriate category as well as being easy for customers to find you, either by browsing the site or through our search function. We’ve created a structure that is simple, easy to understand, and fairly broad to make it easier for users to navigate the site to find what they are looking for, without being so micro-focused that your listing is 10 levels down.

    Most businesses will fit within one category, however some, like a restaurant with full bar, may be equally recognized as both a restaurant and a bar. In this cases, some of the enhanced listing packages do provide for multiple category submission.

    This means though that you’ll find a subcategory for “Restaurants,” but not individual subcategories for “Italian Restaurants,” “Chinese Restaurants,” “Mexican Restaurants,” etc. Don’t worry, there is a keyword tag section where you can add a few classification keywords that you feel best describe your business.

  • Keyword Tags

    Think of these as a few descriptive keywords that capture the most important details about your business. You’ll want to call this out in more detail within your description area, but this is one more area to further highlight the most important descriptors.

    Don’t plan on adding an endless array of keywords in the hope that you’ll show up for every search any users make. That’s not really going to work out in your favor anyway. Think about it…you could have the best sushi in town, but being found for “Chicago dogs” when you don’t serve hot dogs, is probably going to lead to some really disappointed customers, poor reviews, and low ratings when you aren’t able to deliver what they were looking for.

  • Images

    Business photosAs they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Photos are not just good for you, they are great for McHenry Life users. We want to make sure that every business has an opportunity to showcase who they are and have to offer, so even the free Starter listing package includes the ability to upload an image.

    As you probably know from your own experiences, images eat up a lot of storage space, which is one of the reasons we do limit the number of images. The more enhanced packages include more images. But since we aren’t all that excited about looking at tiny thumbnail images any more than anyone else, we do allow you to upload large, high quality images.

    We recommend up to 800 x 600, landscape format, at 2MB or less in jpg (photos) or gif (lineart/logos) format. If your image is smaller than 800×600, you might want to save it against a white background at that size to avoid having it being cropped in the category listing grid.

  • Special Fields

    Depending on the specific top level category you are submitting your listing too, you’ll find there may be a number of unique questions related to that category. An example would be for restaurants on whether they are “dine in, carry out, delivery, offer catering, etc.” The more of these special fields you can provide information for, the more useful it will be to searchers, and the more likely they’ll find you if they are searching based on one of these criteria.

    Take a look at some of the other listings in the same category to get an idea of what some of these might be ahead of time.

  • Google Analytics Metrics

    Google Analytics metricsWe think it’s important for you to understand how your listing is doing. That’s why we include Google Analytics Metrics for every level of paid listings. These metrics will show how many views your listing has had over the last 30 days, with an estimation of the number of “unique” viewers to your listing.

  • Social Profile Links

    Social linksToday, customer interactions don’t just happen onsite or even your website, but on sites like McHenry Life and a number of social media sites.

    In addition to a link to your website, some of our enhanced listing packages also include the ability to link directly to your social media pages on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Special Offers

    Everyone wants a deal, right? Deals and coupon sites have become all the rage over the last few years. While some have had great success with these, others have found them to be a costly nightmare.

    We think providing Special Offers to potential customers should be a win-win for everyone involved. But for many businesses, spending more on the offer than you make just doesn’t make sense.

    Call us crazy, but we like to think we’ve figured out a way to keep everyone happy. With our enhanced listings that include Special Offers, you’re in control. At no additional cost, you can create whatever deals you want to offer customers, offer them as often as you like, as many different offers as you want, run them when you want, and change them whenever you desire. All of that is included in the listing fee and you don’t even have to share the profits…though if it’s a huge success, you are more than welcome to send a little our way!

    Special Offers can also be highlighted with your listing on the category/subcategory pages as well as being specifically searchable by users.

  • Embedded Video

    For those looking to provide the richest media experience to McHenry Life users, our Premium listing package allows video embedding. If you have videos our on YouTube, it’s as easy as copying the embed code from YouTube and pasting it into McHenry Life to allow visitors to watch your video while browsing your listing here. Have a copy of that TV commercial you made? This is a great way to get even more value out of it. Made a video tour of your restaurant with your smartphone? What a great way to give users a taste of what they can expect!

  • PDF Upload

    Our Premium listing package also allows you to upload a PDF that users can view or download directly from your listing. This is a great way to get your catering menu to potential customers. Has your accountancy created a tax guide and tips? This is a great way to market to potential new clients? The potential here is nearly limitless!

Got Questions?

If you still have questions, be sure to check out our FAQ section.